Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Student Affairs 360 (SA360)?
Student affairs is a profession that encourages constant learning and development as well as educating and mentorship. As we learn at every level of the profession we educate at every level of the profession.

Why do I have to register to see additional free content?
We ask for this information in order to be able to provide excellent service. When there are updates to the site we want you to be the first to be informed.

Why do I have to pay for additional (premium) content?
The majority of Student Affairs 360 site is free. Documents that were free in the past remain free. We hope you have completed the free sign-up to enjoy and freely share this content. The small cost that we are asking users to share will cover the costs of the domain, website development, and time the collaborators spend reviewing documents and creating new information.

Will SA360 send marketing emails?
No. It’s as simple as that. Please be sure to add to your safe senders list.

Will SA360 sell my contact information?
No. We will not sell your information or give away your information.

As stated before there are many colleagues globally that will have mentors, supervisors, and colleagues that will aid and assist them through the job search process. We also know there are many colleagues that need assistance beyond what they are or are not receiving. We hope to bridge this gap to ensure your success during your job search.

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