Student Affairs Interview Questions

The following list contains potential questions that you may be asked during a professional student affairs interview.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
  2. What attracted you to the ________________ position at our institution?
  3. Why do you feel qualified for this position?
  4. Tell us how this position fits into your career goals?
  5. What student development theories do you apply in your daily profession?
  6. Describe your supervisory style?
  7. What role do you typically take on a team?
  8. What are the most important qualities of a team?
  9. Have you had previous experience in supervising staff or other individuals?
  10. How do you respond to conflict?
  11. How do you deal with ambiguity?
  12. What computer skills do you possess?
  13. What role (if any) should social media have in higher education?
  14. Do you have any special trainings or certifications? How has that helped your career?
  15. Share a recent project that you are most proud of.
  16. Share a recent decision that was difficult to make.
  17. What are the most pressing issues facing college students today?
  18. What do you feel are the special issues facing underrepresented students?
  19. When choosing a job what aspects are most important?
  20. Do you foresee any transition issues if you are offered and accept this position?
  21. What are your expectations of a supervisor?
  22. What did you enjoy most and least about your most recent position?
  23. What are your strengths?
  24. What areas do you need improvement?
  25. What does it mean to act with integrity?
  26. What is professionalism to you?
  27. How do you react when your opinion is in the minority?
  28. How do you deal with stress?
  29. What do you do for fun?
  30. Why should we hire you?
  31. Share an example of a successful theory-to-practice experience.
  32. Share an example of an unsuccessful theory-to-practice experience.
  33. Give us your definition of success.
  34. What is your approach toward student discipline?
  35. What is your approach toward programming?
  36. Can you give us some examples of programs you have planned or presented?
  37. What are some of the challenges facing new professionals?
  38. How do you hold staff accountable?
  39. Have you ever terminated an employee?  How did you handle that?
  40. How would you respond to a charge that one of your actions was racist, sexist, or homophobic?
  41. How will you help your supervisees pick and choose their battles?
  42. Describe a crisis situation that you’ve encountered and how you handled it?
  43. How do you manage someone with a confrontational style?
  44. How do you prioritize your time?
  45. Have you ever advised a student organization?
  46. What do you see as the major challenges/issues facing students today?
  47. How would you deal with the transition of a staff that was supervised by your predecessor?
  48. Do you have plans to continue your education?
  49. What characteristics do you work best with?
  50. What characteristics frustrate you when working with another person?
  51. Have you ever resigned from a job? Why?
  52. How did you select your college/university?
  53. Who are your role models?
  54. What would your supervisor/colleagues/staff say are your strengths?
  55. How would you explain a policy to your staff that you may not agree with, yet must enforce?
  56. Tell us about an experience you’ve had recently which had an impact on you personally or professionally.
  57. Tell us how your previous employment experiences have shaped your current career trajectory.
  58. What do you do to stay motivated? How do you motivate others?
  59. Is there something that is not on your resume that you would like to share?
  60. Do you have anything that you would like to share that we did not ask about?
  61. What will I remember about you after this interview?
  62. How would you supervise someone that you formerly knew as your peer?

Please feel free to share this list of questions. All we ask is that you properly site us as the source. Thank you!

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