Interviewing Tips


  • The questions you ask the employer exhibit your values.
  • The interview begins when you enter the building. Be mindful of your words, you might be on the elevator with the boss.
  • Bring a small toiletry bag and place it in your briefcase.
  • Turn all of your electronic devices off. Putting it on vibrate is just as loud as a ringer.
  • Cologne/perfume should be kept to a minimum or not used. You run a risk if they don’t like the smell.
  • On the day before or of your interview do not change your diet. Just trust me on this one.
  • You should check your breath before the interview. There is nothing worse than breathing a dragon.
  • Clothes that you wear to the club are typically not okay for a professional interview.
  • Do not ask about compensation and benefits first. Even if it is the first thing on your mind.


  • Do not use a cell phone.
  • Silence all devices that may generate a sound.
  • Dress nicely as if face-to-face, you will perform better.
  • Sit in one place, moving around often creates anxiety.
  • Do not type on a computer or surf the web while interviewing.
  • Put a sign on your door so that you are not disturbed.


  • Know their procedures for travel and lodging expenses.
  • It’s okay to put in a professional request; such as meeting with students of color.
  • Be well rested and well groomed, interviews are all day, some are two days
  • Know your schedule and know your interviewers in advance, ask if you have not received either.
  • Get familiar with the student culture; pick up a student newspaper or sit in common area

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