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“I began following MarcQus during the beginning stages of his first blog and continue to do so. I cannot express how helpful his site was then as a 2nd year grad in a Student Affairs Leadership program preparing to interview for my first professional position. Now, two years out of the program and job searching again, his site was the first I went to prepare me for the process. I can’t describe how helpful his words have been and I’m even happier now that he’s touching on other topics outside of the Student Affairs role. It’s just great knowing that I’m not alone in this. Keep up the good work, I appreciate you and know that what you do matters and is definitely worthwhile.”

~Kyrie Kirkland

“This website was key in helping me during my job search. I prepared for each interview (phone and on campus interviews) by visiting the websites questions to ask and potential questions from the interviewer section. I actually was asked a number of questions from the website and was glad I prepared the answers ahead of time. I have shared this website with many who are job searching so they can prepare as well. It’s a great tool to use for those in the profession.”

~Lovey Marshall

“The resources available at SA360 have been very instrumental throughout my entire student affairs. MarcQus Wright is someone that I have considered to be a mentor since I was a graduate assistant. MarcQus has offered me valuable advice as I have navigated two successful job searches and I truly believe I have been able to set myself apart from my peers due to his advice, guidance, and resources. I strongly recommend SA360 for new professionals.”

~Bobbie Cole

“This a great site for professionals especially young professionals who are starting their careers in Higher Ed. The content, tools, and tips are great to help someone enhance their skills and help prepare for the actual search process! I plan to recommend this site as a resource to all of my mentees and students looking to gain advantage on their competition!”

~Quiana Stone

“I’ve known MarcQus since 2006. Since I’ve known him, he has provided me with unconditional assistance and support through my undergraduate, graduate, and professional careers. The information available on SA360 is beneficial to anyone from undergraduate students seeking careers in student affairs to senior officers in the field. I have shared it far and wide with colleagues across the country, and will continue to do so. I surely would not be where I am right now without his guidance.”

~Carlos Northern

“As a 1st year graduate student studying higher education I am so excited about SA360! I had the pleasure of meeting MarcQus during my search for a graduate assistantship. He has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that he pours into future student affairs professionals. While I am not currently searching, I utilize the materials from SA360 as I think about my full time search and outline goals within my current position. It means a lot to have current professionals understand the need for developing those who are up and coming. I look forward to more great things from SA360!”

~Mosannah Golden

“This website has been helpful as I begin to think about my job search next year. As a 1st year graduate student, it is nice to know that this site can provide me with tips and tools for my job search. This site has also been helpful with the interviews I had while searching for internships. SA360 is a great tool for young professionals who want to get an edge on the competition!”

~Domonique Crosby

“As a new student affairs professional, this site has been very helpful, particularly as I am job searching and preparing for graduation. I would definitely recommend this site to other SA grads or pros.”

~Erica Wallace

“Greatly appreciated, how kind of you to share the update. Will look for it again, next year. Thank you kindly!”

~Deirdra Reed

“I am thankful that I was directed to this blog. As someone who is a first time job seeker in this arena, I felt lost in trying to navigate the waters. This website is very helpful. I especially found the sample interview questions very valuable. I appreciate the time and effort MarcQus has put into the site.”

~Tiffany Paige

“I graduated with my master’s degree in May 2014 and have been job-searching for several months now. There are tons of articles on the job search, how to keep a positive attitude, formatting cover letters properly, etc. etc. One of the most helpful tools in my search, however, has been the “Student Affairs Interview Questions” (http://sa360.org/interview-questions/) page, because it’s a quick, handy resource that will definitely get you on track for upcoming interviews. Take the time to go through these questions and craft thoughtful answers. It’s worth it!”

“Thanks again for the wonderful resource!”

~Chris Klein

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