Our Mission

Student Affairs 360 is a Low-profit Limited Liability Company (L3C). We provide college student affairs job search, interview, and professional development information to help jump start and further enrich your student affairs career

Our Mission
To provide high quality job search and interview information to assist aspiring and new student affairs professionals

The SA360 Story
In 2011, MarcQus Wright began posting interview questions, tips, and search information for aspiring, new, and other interested student affairs professionals to marcquswright.com. For the last two years this information, especially the student affairs interview questions, has been #1 in search engines. The interview questions page has been, and still is the top-visited page on the site. This information has been provided at no charge (it remains free on the site today). MarcQus voluntarily responded to individuals as a service. He paid for the cost of the website on his own. Many individuals have chosen to utilize the information that he has been sharing with students and professional staff for years. MarcQus’ original intent with the student affairs information was to have a place for his students and colleagues to receive information. As those individuals moved across the country they found it easy, useful, and helpful to have this information in one place. This is one of the reasons MarcQus created Student Affairs 360.

There are thousands of people working in colleges and universities around the world. Many of them receive excellent mentorship and collegiality to assist them in their student affairs journey. Unfortunately there are also those who, for one reason or another, do not receive the same “t.l.c.” as their global colleagues. It is our hope that we can provide a small nugget of information for those individuals who need it.

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